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Monthly Power Hour Plus


You get all of the value from a Monthly Power Hour call plus email support throughout the month to give you the expert advice and guidance you need to deliver results. 

Do I have to commit to a contractual period?
No, you can cancel whenever you like.  The email support will stop at the point of cancellation. 

Who is it for?
Entrepreneurs ready to launch their online retail business, or small online business owners who need support in delivering sales success. My 15 years’ experience is shaped around delivering digital transformation across Fashion, Accessories and Home. If you are building a brand in these categories or complementary to these categories, I can help.

What is typically covered?
- Advice and support on your website launch planning and delivery.
- Feedback and ongoing support on your tactical and strategic planning.
- Advice on how to successfully overcome a specific blocker, task or action.
- Website usability review and recommendations.
- Trading recommendations and planning to help you boost traffic, conversion and sales.

Who would be unsuitable for this session?
Drop shippers and those who only sell via a third-party i.e. Etsy, Depop and Ebay. My experience and focus is in developing long-term growth for direct-to-consumer businesses who are driving sales to their own website and building authentic relationships with their customers.

What to expect?
When you book your first session you will select a time slot. I will send you an email before the session with a zoom link and some questions on what you would like to achieve during your session. Please work on the universal principle of “asking for what you want” and provide as much detail as you can. We may not achieve it all in 1 hour but it will help me prepare for our session and ensure that we maximise the value of your time.

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Customer Reviews

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Ky Hoyle
Worth it, with bells on!

My first monthly Power Hour with Jason and I'm already confident that they will become a regular fixture. He's very knowledgeable, gives clear, practical advice, de-bunks tech/Seo mysteries and inspires confidence.

The once overwelming task of migrating our site to Shopify is now underway, with Jason already saving me £1000's in a re-design, telling me we CAN do the design in-house. The video consultation was a calming step-by-step of everything we need to consider to achieve a smooth migration. Once this is achieved, we'll move on to marketing... Can't wait to see what positive changes Jason will bring to that!

Your marketing manager at an affordable price

I am a designer and production manager myself, so when I start my ethical fashion brand Lazy Cotton, I know exactly what I am doing in terms of getting the right product. But about e-commerce and marketing, I am completely clueless. I found there is overwhelming amount of information online about Fashion Marketing, but I have on idea which is applicable to my brand. With this 'Monthly Power Hour Plus' provided by Jason, we have an hour consultation every month, Jason and myself will put together a to-do list for the coming month. Whenever I had question, I can quickly drop him an email, he always responses very quickly. Now I feel like I have my own marketing manager who has a vast amount of experience, and it is affordable for start up brand like myself. I would absolutely highly recommend this package. 5 + 1 Stars!