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Delivering Online Retail Success Starts with a Solid Plan

In the world of online retail it’s easy to get overwhelmed with the never ending to-do list.  As a Fashion eCommerce Consultant, my first piece of advice to the businesses I support is: delivering success starts with a solid plan 😊.

Your Communications Planning (Comms Planning)  across your website, social and email marketing is a key component in your delivering consistent and relevant messages across of your touchpoints to really engage your audience and drive sales. 

I have developed a really simple tool to help you effectively plan your online comms.  This template can be used in either excel or using a free google spreadsheet.  You can find the spreadsheet here which includes:

  • Day of the week. Most retailers start there trading week on Sunday but start on Monday if this is when your sales reporting week begins.
  • Date: date of this year’s activity.
  • Key events – i.e. Valentine’s Day, International Women’s Day etc.
  • Homepage TY: key messages on your homepage on this date.

Homepage LY: Key messages on your homepage on the same day last year.

Email marketing: The message you are sending to you email database on this date.

Email marketing LY: the message you sent last year on the same day.

Instagram TY : Theme of your Instagram posts.

Instagram LY: theme of your Instagram posts LY.

Sales are referenced in column I to L.  This will help you keep track of your sales performance versus last year – this where you really want to see growth!  The formula for % variation on the year is simply this year/last year -1.  In Excel or Google docs this is represented as (using my illustration) =sum(I11/J11)-1  then click the % sign.

It is important that when referencing activity last year that you are looking at the day not the date – you want to compare Monday to Monday, Tuesday to Tuesday etc.  This is really important otherwise you will be comparing a days performance to a different “day” the previous year i.e. Monday vs Sunday which is not a useful comparison as Monday is a better retail sales day than Sunday.

Each month should have its own tab and this becomes really useful once you have a full year’s activity and you are planning the new year as you can see exactly what you did last year.  Start by planning a month a head and increase that window as you become more confident.  Before you know it, you will have planned the year and only need to tweak the plan each week to respond to tactical opportunities 😊

Let me know in the comments below if you found this helpful and if you have any questions. 

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