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Are You Ready for Black Friday and Retail’s Golden Quarter?

Retail’s Golden Quarter runs from October to December.
Some of my clients take 50% of their total sales for the year during this period.
It’s essential that you have a plan in place to deliver your best sales performance yet!

For many, you will take more sales in the Black Friday week than you will take in your average month.

Planning and preparation are key to achieving this. Here are some simple steps you can take to make sure you are ready:

- Ensure your checkout is faultless. You should be checking your site daily as part of your “floor walk” - this is even more important this week.

- Think about removing Next Day Delivery to give you more time to processes orders.

- Look at your order volume from last year by day (not date) and apply that projection to your daily targets this year. This report can be found in Google Analytics at eCommerce/ Overview. Select ”transactions” from the dropdown, top left and “day” as the reporting metric top right. Enter your dates, then export (above the date selector).

- Understand what drove your best sales performance, rinse and repeat: In Google Analytics go to Acquisition/ All Traffic.

- Analyse what products sold sell and what price that product sold for. In Google Analytics visit eCommerce/ Product performance.

- Have a resource plan in place to manage your leap in order volume. Think about removing Next Day Delivery to give you more time to processes the orders.

- To help you get ready for your biggest sales week make sure you check out my pre-recorded Masterclass Google Analytics for Beginners.

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Alternatives to Discounting During Black Friday
For those of you who would prefer to protect your margin and pursue a more premium approach to Black Friday, consider:

- Limited Edition: Create a buzz by dropping a limited edition piece/ range.
Charity: Donate a % of your sales to charity. Lucy and Yak execute this brilliantly.

- Free Delivery: It’s not a product discount and can still help you increase conversion and drive sales.

- Community: Create a comms strategy on why you don’t discount. Use it as an opportunity to highlight your quality and craftsmanship. You can incorporate relevant and highly engaging hashtags including #shopslow (50K posts) and #slowfashion (11m posts).

Whatever approach you choose to take over Black Friday, have a plan, be consistent and take the time to run a Lesson's Learnt Analysis which will help you plan and improve sales next year.

Good Luck!

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